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Well there! I finally did it. I started a blog. Here you will find bits about my horse obsession, hunting habit, and other general shinangans that happen in my corner of the world, here in Wyoming.

My name is Shallary if you can pronounce it, and Shal if you can’t. I grew up riding a spooky Welsh pony and a TB x, chestnut mare in lessons. I competed in 4-H and local horse shows and was otherwise found playing in the creek behind our house and hiding my nose in books.

After high school and a year of college, I moved to Montana on a whim. That’s where I discovered Three Day Eventing and the adrenaline addiction that comes along with it. I launched head first into the Eventing life (literally) and was hooked.

Eventually I moved back home because the Winds were calling. Here, I collected another four or five horses, started teaching riding lessons and Eventing more seriously, began a new obsession with hunting, and here we are!

Have a look around. I hope you find my blog as entertaining as I do!