Death By Snowstorm

It has been so nice out for mid-February, that all the snow on the mountain has been gone for weeks! But! It finally snowed again. Like- really snowed! The mountain probably got 36″! So it’s finally been a week for chasing big kitties.

Marshall and another hound lovin’ mountain man found two tracks in one canyon and took their dogs on a roughly 7 mile trek to where one of the cats had treed. They said they could see where the other cat had veered off, and it probably would have only been about a mile to it, if that. But no. The dogs didn’t get that memo and ran to the other side of the mountain in hot pursuit of the far, far away kitty.

The next day my boss man, Eric, and his friend, Branden, wanted to go, but sadly I had to take Prune Pants to the vet to get neutered. (The rule around here is this: If you don’t hunt, you get your balls chopped off. 💉🔪 End of story.) So Prune and I went to the vet, and Marshall and the boys chased yet another kitty without me.

I hear the hike to the cat was really brutal (all of the boys were sure complaining about it.) It could be for dramatic effect, or because they’re all out of shape, I’m not sure which. Allegedly there was snow up to their eyeballs, and they had to swim up cliffs to get to the cat. Allegedly. (I’m sure it was uphill both ways, too.)

Anyways, they made it to the tree, and Branden got his lion! Branden was only in town this one day, and he somehow managed to hit a big snowstorm and find a really nice tom. I think it measured 14 8/16″ but I will have to confirm that. Talk about luck! He should have bought a lottery ticket that day. He had originally thought about using Eric’s Matthews to shoot the kitty, but with enough smack talk from me, he became wiser and decided against such a questionable bow, and used Eric’s Smith & Wesson instead. Smart man. (This is how we find out if Eric actually reads this post or not.)

Eric, Branden, and Tom
Cuddly kitty
Eric and Tom


Then yesterday, we took the girls and Copper on an expedition with our friend Fat Matt. He’s not actually fat. Rather fit, actually, I would say. But we think we’re funny, and he doesn’t know we call him that yet, so Fat Matt he will remain. Marshall and Fat Matt put on tire chains, while Missy and I supervised from in the truck.

We know where the real work lies. Boys need constant supervision.

It wasn’t a very eventful day. No tracks. We did see a herd of elk on the face, but too far away to look for any big ones. They were in a really tight bunch too, like something might have been stalking them. (Wolves, much?) And I took some SUPER cute pictures of the puppies, which is my favorite part of going out anyways. Marshall says I’m just using him for his dogs, which isn’t ENTIRELY true…

But seriously. Look how cute they are!! (Brace yourself, there’s a lot.)

Copper in the dog box, like a boss.


Missy nesting in the dog box. Sadly, nothing hatched.
Copper Pants in action
He’s super fast. And nimble. (Copper, not Marshall.)
Look at his ears <3
Last but not least, Sissy! She’s fast too, but just a little less cute than Copper. Don’t tell her I said that. She’s his big sister, so cuteness DOES run in the family.

There you have it. The doglets running rampant, and Eric & Branden holding a ferocious kitty.