Dil Carts Me Around For a Photoshoot

Tuesday morning the girls had to go to the vet for only $289 worth of stuff. The usual spring chaos: coggins, vaccines, health certificates, and probably some sort of additional fee for bringing crazy animals to their office.

Actually, they were all super civilized. Mark that on the calendar. So, I thought that Delilah should go on a nice, relaxing trail ride when we got home, and maybe she wouldn’t get so sore from her vacs. It was a good idea in theory, but two days later, she is lethargic and very slowlllly moving her neck around. Plan failed. BUT! We did get some fabulous pictures, which I have here for your viewing pleasure.

Cutest view ever!
Our public lands sure don’t suck!

So! Something you may not know about Delilah. Our first trail ride was on a loop out here that normally takes about 40 minutes. THREE HOURS IN, and she was still going strong. OH YES. So, what was the problem? Too much grazing, not enough walking? HAHA! Hilarious.

I get her tacked up, and we can’t leave the parking lot. Not for a lack of her wanting to leave,  but because I refuse to let her leave at the speed of light, thank you very much. We do not actually need to bolt across the highway to get from the parking lot to the trail. So we spent a good 10-15 minutes in the parking lot remembering how to stand still. Then we get across the highway, and she starts jumping up and down, trying to bolt and embrace her inner racehorse. Which, I would like to point out, she is not exactly a race-bred Thoroughbred. She’s part Thoroughbred, yes. But she’s also all these other breeds that have no business at the track. Another 10 minutes go by, and we are still within 20 yards of the parking lot. Now we’re backing uphill and trampling anything in the way. Sagebrush, rocks, small children. Actually, there weren’t any small children. Just the 18 yr old toddler I was sitting on…

So a few hours later, we were making decent headway I would say about 3/4 of the way back to the trailer. She was still determined to trot the entire loop. I was determined to walk the entire loop. At this point, I don’t give a darn how fast she insists on walking, as long as she is walking. So every time she trots, which is literally every other step, I make her circle. She circles ten times, and then halts. Then I ask her to walk. One walk step, andddd we are jigging. So we circle. Ten circles. She halts. We walk one step. She trots. I circle her near a juniper tree. She does ten circles, smashes into the juniper tree a few times, and halts. So we walk. One walk step. Get the picture?

Delilah didn’t.

I don’t know if she thought I would just suddenly change my mind, or what the plan was. But eventually she realized that I’m the head be-otch around here, and gave up. We were able to walk about the last 200 yards to the parking lot. Shallary-1, Delilah-0.

BUT! She would like to point out that it’s not her fault she’s so enthusiastic. She just loves our public lands so much! It makes her very happy and excitable, and I have to say, I love them too. Doesn’t get much better than this!

Time spent on public land = the best therapy I have ever found.

You’ll notice something fabulous in this next picture.


Dilly has learned that trail rides are a great way to try all of the different types of vegetation. She now halts a lot and asks if I would like to take a picture. She snacks. We look at the rocks and look for deer. We spot lizards and sometimes snakes. She snacks some more. I feed her peppermint cookies and tell her how much I love her. She would like to trail ride at all times, she says. But alas. We have the dressaging and the jumping to conquer too. So we squeeze in trail rides when we can, because we are both a little insane, and sometimes we just need to have a day off.