Doglets Running Rampant

What else is there to do on a rainy day but take the doglets on a walk?! It was too muddy to ride ponies outside, and I was too lazy to haul them to the indoor. So instead, we stuffed all six doglets in the truck and headed up the mountain.

Oo! Speaking of the mountain. Every summer, I go kayaking in the mountain and take some time off from the insanity. I can usually only manage one or two days away, but it’s like some sort of reset button. A day on the lake with no agenda. ☀️ It’s fantastic.

Last year, my friend, Donald, and I had a fantastic day watching two bald eagles fish for lake trout, and we watched a moose hang out in the lake, eat some willows, and take a long nap. Then I fell asleep in my kayak and drifted the whole way across the lake before Don came and woke me up. Then he built us a fire, and we roasted some hot dogs. We parked our lawn chairs out in the lake so we could have our legs in the water while we ate. Like most good days, we ate way too much, because after we ate the weenies, (heh heh, weenies!) we ate a bunch of s’mores, and then wandered around picking and eating wild raspberries. **Highly recommend that, for the record. Then, because I was in a food coma, I fell asleep on the shore for a couple hours while Don went fishing. Then more kayaking. I finally made it home, well rested and sporting some pretty sweet tan lines from falling asleep like a lump so many times that day.

I’m clearly not excited for summer at all. It’s still April, and I’m daydreaming of kayaking on the mountain. Sadly, the mountain is still covered in snow. The road up our switchbacks is still closed. And I haven’t even thought about getting the shorts and sandals out for the year.


We took the dogs on a hike. (Focus, Shallary!) When we got up there, we saw a cute little marmot. He was kind enough to let me get a picture of him.

He didn’t have much to say.

Then the doglets ran amok in their usual fashion, sniffing everything they possibly can, and running at speeds threatening to break the sound barrier. Missy and Sissy are all business, searching for lion tracks in the snow. The three puppies are bailing over each other, and testing which of them is the bravest. Jumping off of rocks and trying to outrun each other. And then there’s Prune.

Prune is a year old now, and still running on the same level as the puppies. He is clearly a late bloomer. And so terribly clumsy. He tries to jump up a bank, and does a belly flop. He tries to make it over a fallen log and gets stuck. Then he tries to catch up to the puppies, realizes he’s running too fast to stop, and does a flying leap over two of them. But, of course, he can’t quite make it over the third, and just football tackles the puppy into the ground. Then he runs off, completely oblivious to what he’s done, because he now smells something! How terribly exciting!!

While they run, their ears flap in all directions and make the dogs look really excited. I was able to get some funny pictures for you.

Prune is so hilarious. How can you not laugh at this. 😂
Tucker, ready for liftoff.
Missy and Mr. Sassy (Todd) pretending he’s in charge.

I’m not sure who enjoys these outings more. The dogs definitely have fun, but the humans get a good laugh out of watching their dynamics. I really never thought I would need six dogs. But it turns out, I do.

Copper is so adorable 💗