Feather in Her Hat

Feather In Her Hat (Lottie, Lotus Flower, Lotus Otus, Buggle, Bug)

The Facebook picture that sucked me in.

11 yrs old, going on 3, OTTB Bay mare, also with a severe attitude.

I found this beast on Facebook while horse shopping. Now, at this point in time, I was already horse poor with 3 horses and didn’t need another horse. At all. So I’m not really sure why horse shopping was happening… I should really have known better. The problem was, I got a nice tax return, and it was burning a daggum hole in my pocket! So I find this horse, call up her human, Emily, and we have a discussion. Emily tells me she is the typical crabby mare and is being treated for ulcers. (Perfect! Crabby AND a money pit. What more could a girl ask for?!) But that picture said upper levels, and at that point I had only gone Novice, so CLEARLY I needed to buy her. Clearly.

Of course she was in Florida. Wouldn’t want one too close to home to keep costs down. So how does one get a horse from Florida to Wyoming? Through Facebook, bribery, and sending your trainer to watch Rolex K3DE with an empty trailer, of course. Lottie hitched a ride from Florida with Katie Ruppel and Houdini (where she undoubtedly gave him a pep talk and pointers for his upcoming 4* xc round, because she knows everything), stabled at the Kentucky Horse Park for the week, and then came home to the Wild West. I hope she misses that 4* air and gets on board with my dreams.

Since then, she has traveled to numerous recognized events and schooled, has gathered a huge following (so she thinks), and completed 1 whole beginner novice. She has been very interesting for me to learn from. She’s a very difficult ride and quite straightforward at the same time.

She jumps! Sometimes like a deer. Over a huge invisible table.

Let’s just be honest. She’s not the brightest crayon in the box. She just sorta dopes around until she vaguely sees a jump approaching and then leaps over it like it’s some Advanced table. Sometimes she doesn’t manage to see the jump, trips over it, falls down, losing her rider and running around the xc course screaming her head off. Just kidding. She would never do that. *cough* No actually, that did happen. I fell off. My trainer laughed. We try not to think about it.

Lottie is so narrow and gangly, that it’s like trying to balance on a pool noodle up there. One second you think you have all the parts put together, and the next, you’re drowning. I do believe she could go novice easily enough this season- she jumps all the things (I’m better at showing her the jumps now) 😉 and a little clucking is usually all she needs if she’s concerned. Sadly, she’s on the back burner for now, because money doesn’t grow on trees, and I can’t event 4 horses on a single kids’ budget. It just ain’t happening.