Good Time Charlie

Good Time Charlie (Charlie Horse, Charles)

Charlie’s one and only Beginner Novice thus far.

11 yrs old, 15.2 hh, OTTB
Oh Charles. I could fill an entire book on things I know about Charlie, and two more books on things in which I know Jack.

Let’s start with things I know. He’s well bred. He won a few races and had earnings on the track around $40k. He raced until he was 7, and then went through multiple auctions and questionably abusive homes until he found Andrea, and eventually make the trek from her place in California to mine in BFE, Wyoming.

Charles has had a rough go. He’s so extremely sensitive, that if the humans are having a bad day (completely unrelated to him- maybe a bad day at work, boy trouble etc) Charlie will be on the fritz. He can’t figure out what he did wrong, and when exactly I’m going to try to kill him.

I also know he is extremely talented. Which of course explains the baggage. Why would I have lucked into a super fancy, 4* scopey horse with a solid brain? We wouldn’t want that, now would we?! So. The road with Charles has been slow going and frustrating. He’s like an abusive boyfriend. He pretends to be nice, gets my guard down, dumps my ass, kicks me while I’m down, and then buys me flowers and tells me I’m pretty. I never know what I’m going to get from Charlie, but he is nice enough to keep around. Sort of. He is currently on vacation at his Aunty Christian’s house, because we can’t afford therapy for our relationship, and I need a break from the emotional abuse. We will see what happens as the year progresses.**

Abusive boyfriend at his finest.

**Update: Charles is back!! We are both happier now, and we don’t put each other on edge. One successful ride in the books so far. Here’s to many more! 🍷