New Kicks and Some Lessons

It took me a long time to start my blog. I don’t know why. I like to think I’m super busy and can’t fit anything else on my plate. But then a whole day will go by with me staring at Facebook, eating too much, and getting nothing done, and I think, “I’m such a lazy bum!” So no more excuses. The blog is up and running, sort of. I wrote this post long before the blog existed, just to see if I could. So here you are:

Today was a bit of a whirlwind. The farrier came this morning, and I couldn’t tell if he was in foul mood again or just quiet today. So in hopes of staying on his good side, I didn’t say much and just stood there freezing my butt off. When the farrier couldn’t see me, (read: judge me) I was smothering the children with nose kisses to pass the time.

Appaloosa Nose 😍

Maybe I should do a study sometime. Do I kiss my ponies more than other humans do? It’s probably gross, and they’re probably covered in germs, but I don’t care. They’re just so soft and fuzzy!!

Anyways. Then Christian came over, and we jumped two of the monkeys today. After establishing that jumping up and down when I try to half halt is indeed NOT an option, thank you very much, things went pretty well.

Lottie currently needs lots of help staying between hand and leg, and Delilah learned that I can’t always pick a spot to save her. Like, 95% of the time, you’re on your own. Learn to deal.

Dil used to carry around the spot finding master, Ingrid, so she was certain it must be my job as well. So yeahhhh, not when you’ve been promoted to the Honda 2.0. Sorry, kid. Half the time, I don’t even know what my legs are doing, let alone have the skill to tell you what to do with yours. She’s had them for 18 years. *Surely* she can figure this out.

I’m trying to get better at finding a spot to a fence. If it’s there and pretty obvious, I can see it, but if I turn and see nothing, we’re doomed. Kidding! That’s when I try to wait and try to remember to add leg. Lilah says this is a foreign concept, and it hurts our brains. She would also like to be demoted from Honda 2.0 as soon as possible, and she is currently accepting applications for her replacement.

Today Christian called Lottie a gerbil. And then Delilah a gerbil… and then a corgi. Apparently the girls have really short legs that go really, really fast. (We may have an identity crisis or two on our hands if we don’t watch out!)

I’m proud to say that slowly but surely, the girls are improving and resembling actual horses more and more each day. I’m improving too, although some days, nobody can tell. I think that’s why it’s so addicting, this horse habit of mine. The end is never in sight. Which, quite frankly, is just the way I like it.