A Coonhound, a Runaway, and Old Man Winter

It sure was cold over Christmas. We had a few days of subzero temperatures and two days of heavy frost. I must say, if it has to be crummy weather, it at least makes it somewhat more tolerable when the snow does fun stuff at night. It makes waking up to -19° just a little bit better when you walk to the barn and have a photoshoot at your fingertips. And without further ado, a frosty morning:

The Great Horned Owls are back, but nobody was home- or they were protesting the weather out of sight. Probably wise.
This is what I see from my couch every morning while drinking tea. It could be worse.

Oh, also. My aunt and uncle got me those signs you see on the barn door. One says “My barn, my rules” – which is accurate. The other says “Barn goddess parking only”- also accurate.

The life of an equestrian in Wyoming winter, summed up in one picture.

The ponies were super frosty too, but still looked cozy in all their fur.

Coco Chanel models her new leggings.
Dilly Bean has really pretty, long lashes.

So that was the adventure to the barn to feed the ponies. It was too cold to ride, but at least it was pretty!

Later, Jared and I thought we should take Prune on a walk. He came to pick us up, and apparently Todd decided that today was the day that he was laying down the law. He saw us getting ready to leave, climbed the chain link fence of his 8′ kennel and weaseled his way through the 5″ hole between the gate and the kennel roof. He ran over to the truck as fast as he could and had jumped into the back of the truck before we could stop him. Then him and Prune just looked at us, daring us to tell Todd he could not come with us.

The score: Hound dogs-1, Humans-0.

So now we are taking both Prune and his runaway friend, Todd, on an adventure. We stopped at my parent’s house to try to take pictures of their creek, but the lighting was terrible, so we took the puppers to the river instead. Right off the bat, we found this:

Mountain kitty!

Since Prune is a failed lion hunter, I caught Todd and stuck his nose in the track. Nothin’. Not even a peep. Todd is rebelling in more ways than one today, apparently.

The river was feeling photogenic today. Pictures like this really make me love my home.
A close up of the icicles, and the river that refuses to be contained. Lately, I have felt this river running through me. It wants to sweep me away to a new adventure. We will see if I’m brave enough to let it.

Todd decided that all of the best smells are on the edge of the ice. And not the thick ice. Only the thin ice that overhangs the river, eagerly awaiting an unsuspecting hound dog as a sacrifice to the river gods.

We yelled at him. He ignored us.

Eventually, he decided to move on. Him and Prune did hound things while Jared and I watched the geese fly in the wrong direction. I have a new fascination with birds, but that’s a story for another time.

As we were leaving, we found more lion tracks going in the opposite direction. Todd still refused to admit he could smell anything. Sometimes, I guess, even hound dogs need a day off. <3