Ohh, Prune. How do we describe Prune. Let’s start with the backstory.

Marshall was looking on KSL for dogs. M says there’s a ton of hound dogs on there. Who knew? So he’s scrolling through all the dogs, and sees Prune’s adorrrrable face and simply could not resist. (My words, not Marshall’s.) What M actually said was this: “He was reasonably priced, and I thought he was a good lookin’ dog, so I thought I’d try him out.”

See. Adorable. 😍

So for $150, Prunello came to Wyoming to live with the cool kids. At the time, he was about 6 months old. Prune was very bashful at first. I don’t think he was socialized much with his old owner. He cowered a lot and was very timid around all new people and new things.

I took him home to play, and I expected him to jump on the porch and go to the front door, but Prunello didn’t even know how to get onto the porch!! I don’t think he had ever seen stairs before. I picked up his front feet and put them on the step. He just looked at me. So I picked up his back feet and put them on the steps. He tripped up them, but we finally made it to the door. Prune took one look inside, cowered, and tried to run away… except he didn’t know how to get off the porch. Oh, Prune.

So I carried him inside the house and set him down. He looked all around, just sitting there in the middle of the room, staring at the ceiling fan as it spun circles above him.

I took him back home where the boys were cooking hot dogs on a fire. One of the weenies dropped on the ground, so we tried to feed it to Prune. But Prune is not a normal dog. He carried the weenie around in his mouth for quite some time, then finally decided to lick it clean. After he got all the dirt off it, he left it and came over to sniff the fire. We all tried warning him, but of course this just made him cower away from us and closer to the fire, which then made him panic because it was hot. 😱 He never did eat that weenie.

And that was just Day 1! (For those wondering, the kidlet wanted to name him Prune, which we thought was silly. But after our first day with him, we decided it was fitting.)

Because Prune is weird.

I hung out with Prune quite a lot over the next two months, bringing him to my house every night to work on potty training and being less clumsy. He started figuring it out, and look out little Avocado!

Prune would careen around the Avocado at top speeds, do one giant leap across the kitchen, and jump onto the back of the couch to look out the window, then bail off and do a lap into my bedroom (up and over the bed), running into things, knocking stuff off the dresser as he went.

I’ll save his hunting stories and general shenanigans for later, but let’s just say it’s been a long road for Prune, or Prunélope Cruz, as we now call him. He’s getting more confident going over difficult terrain, and we can now lecture him if he’s naughty without him cowering for 10 minutes. (Unfortunately, the lectures don’t really phase him at all now.) He’s ultra cuddly too, now that he’s not so scared. Although Christian says that “having zero understanding of personal space does not equate to cuddly,” but I think she’s wrong. Cuddle. Bug. 🐛

Marshall eventually decided that since I like Prune the best, he could be mine. Now Prune dabbles in going to horse shows and baying at fellow eventers from the safety of his horse trailer, in addition to his marginal efforts in becoming a mountain lion hunter.

His favorite activities include running away, not listening at all, chewing on dead things, eating cat food, and riding in the truck. Oh, and hunting skunks. His favorite people are his Grammy and Grandpa because they spoil him rotten and buy him things like this insulated dog palace. And yes, it even has windows that open.

Prune emerges from his palace, preparing for the day with some morning yoga.

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