It’s about time Sophie had her own bio, don’t you think?! She’s been at my house since April 2015, and has earned her keep more than any of the other monkeys on the property.

The rare occasion where her head is below her withers.

I got her from Christian, who told me she had a lesson horse I could have. She told me to come over and do a test ride on Sophie. I got there, and of course she was really easy to pick out… the little, white Arabian, amongst 15 bay Thoroughbreds. So I climbed on, and Sophie walk-trot-cantered around like a giraffe. Head stuffed straight in the air, and I knew she would be perfect! No student could possibly fall off when her neck was that upright! (Of course, one of my students has proved me wrong a few times, but it’s not Sophie’s fault the kid likes to stand in the left stirrup only. Or is it? 😏)

Sophie is 26 years young, and while she is a very good babysitter for her students, she also tests them and makes them ride better- but not until she knows they are ready. It’s adorable, really. She has a 6 yr old student that rides her bareback and in a halter, and Sophie is always on her very best behavior. She walks over all the jumps, ohhhhh so carefully, and halts on command. She backs with the tiniest of tugs on the lead rope. Then her semi-experienced 12 yr old students get on her, and Sophie tries to canter back to the barn any chance she gets. Hahahaha!! At least she makes us laugh.

Her favorite thing to do is flirt with Charlie Horse, and her second favorite thing to do is eat everything in sight. And I mean everything.

Back in the day, she did some endurance races, but I think she’s enjoying the easy life these days. We never even tie her at the trailer anymore because, well, what’s not to love about little girls fawning over you like you’re a princess?! 👑 She likes her beauty treatments just as much as the girls like giving them.

Snowphie and I had a few close calls with her life, however, before she embraced her inner princess. For example, one night I needed to move the horses, and she decided it would be fun to run from me. For FORTY FIVE MINUTES. AFTER DARK. She wouldn’t even come for grain. I told her if she EVER did that again, she would no longer need to worry about the finer things in life, like ohhhh I don’t know, being alive. But we have an agreement now. I let her live, and she lets me catch her.

Ohhh little Sophie. Our resident Grandma. We love her dearly. She tests us, and she babysits us. She puts up with beginner riders, and I put up with her only half listening. Sometimes I have to ride her to remind her that listening is good, and she really can steer and bend simultaneously. Okay, the bending not so much. But she does steer for a few months after I remind her that it’s an actual requirement of her job. She is secretly a sassy firecracker… in a very swaybacked, fluffy body, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  💞

What’s your favorite Sophie story? Leave it in the comments below!

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  1. I’ve told you mine, because it involved chasing her around Bob’s backyard for 40 minutes with grain because she wouldn’t freakin let me catch her.

    What I neglected to mention was that once we got her to the vet, she was totally chill right up until they tried to sedate her to float her teeth. At which point she damn near yanked my arm out of its socket and proceeded to take a full 30 minutes to sedate because every time the vet would try to inject her she’d throw her head back and flail around like he’d just tried to MURDER HER.

    1. You’ll be glad to know she vets better now!

      Also, a previous owner once said she was allergic to dewormer. It apparently caused her to throw her head in the air and be a spaz. Very allergic indeed!

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