An Appaloosa and a Fresian Walk Into a Bar…

Today, Megan and I decided to avoid our adult responsibilities and took the ponies on a new adventure. I took a bunch of subpar pictures for everyone’s enjoyment.

As we loaded the horses, I warned Megan that we may or may not die today because I need to rebuild the transfer case on my truck, and there is no guarantee it won’t give out on us while we are driving. But, hey. We like to live on the edge, so we trapped the ponies in their box on wheels, and off we went like a herd of turtles.

And I’m so glad we did! It was such a glorious day! The temperature was perfect. The snow wasn’t melting or slippery, and there wasn’t even a breeze! (Truly a Christmas miracle when you live in Wyoming.) And Coco Chanel was perfect in every way, per usual.

Of course, Ricco couldn’t let Megan off the hook entirely, so he refused to stand still for pictures and chomped on the bit pretty much the entire time. But apparently Megan didn’t care too much. (That, or she’s a really good actress.)

Megan clearly has a high tolerance for Spotaloosa shinanigans. 

We did see 15 mule deer, bunny tracks, coyote tracks, and possibly a bobcat track, but it was too old to tell. More on that later. 

The ride overlooks some pretty fantastic views.

Exhibit A

Ricco must have been feeling pretty regal at this point too, because he let us get an actual standing picture!

Coco, of course, took the opportunity to inform me that one measly cookie was hardly enough, and I better not let this happen again.

“Stupid human. How am I supposed to haul you back up this hill without cookies for sustenance?!” 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

Ricco built his confidence on the footing after just a short while and refused to walk behind (or near) Coco. I got a lot of pictures like this:

Appaloosa butt.

As we were coming back out, we met some guy who said he was having a hard time catching a bobcat in his trap. (Um, yes. Trapping bobcats is not for the faint of heart, dude. We tried all last winter and didn’t get a single one. We also tracked a few with the dogs and still couldn’t get one. They are ultra elusive!! Like ninjas of the cat world.)

Anyway, I was pretty proud of the ponies. They were good sports and tried to be quite careful with us when they were unsure of the footing. Megan’s Fitbit told her we went four miles. (My butt agrees. Somehow, I’ve gotten out of riding shape.) There was some decent elevation change, combined with a few inches of snow for footing, so I think the ponies got a decent workout.

Some people would never dream of taking their fancy event horse into the mountain with snow-covered slab rocks and uneven footing, but I would highly advise it. It helps them become more careful and take ownership of their own legs, and besides. It’s not just good for their body. It’s good for their soul.

Even the parking lot was pretty today!