Why Delilah?

Why Delilah? (Delilah, D-Lit, D-Little, Dilly Bean, Dillis)

Dil’s first Prelim-Training

19 yrs, going on 3. Chestnut mare. 14.3 hh. (So… A tornado with an attitude? Check!) My friend Ingrid traded me this jumping bean for Ricco in Nov 2015. She has gone training about 287 times, with one PT under her belt last fall. The plan is to get her to cart me around a few Prelims, just to say we did.

The amount of skill she has taught me is immeasurable. I will say, that thanks to her, I have established somewhat of an ability to half halt without pulling and to apply leg even when she feels too quick. She is what we call the Honda 2.0. She knows her job front to back, and will cart you around in a semi-respectable fashion, maybe getting a ribbon, or at least keeping you from looking too foolish. She saves my bacon when I miss, because she most likely wasn’t listening to my input anyways. But! The best part about a Honda, is that the better you start to ride, the better they become. That’s when the blue ribbons start showing up!

Blue is her favorite color

The key part here is that she’s not just a Honda. She’s a Honda 2.0 so what the heck does that mean? Well, she’s a *bit* harder to ride than the average Honda. On any given day, she may indeed decide that today is Not your day, and throw a little tantrum. Insert jumping up and down, stomping of feet, or running backwards (…away from the start box, backing over the gravel mound, almost smashing into the outhouse, and backing out into the parking lot, AFTER “3-2-1- Go!”) Of course it was after! Why would we not have this discussion during the warm up?! How boring that would have been!

In this particular instance, the parking lot apparently was the key to getting her re-focused. She was like “Dude, MOM!!! We are gonna have SO MANY TIME PENALTIES!” and just bolts. We went blazing back over the gravel mound, a red blur through the start box, she dared me to pull to the first fence (which I did not, thank you very much), and full bore galloped over fence two before I decided maybe some more control would be nice. Hey, at least she was thinking forward, right? I’m sure those poor jump judges were fearing for my life, but also laughing hysterically at the looks on our faces. It was Novice after all. I have yet to meet a Novice course where full on galloping is required. The best part about this story, is that it was our first event together, and we won the optimum time award…and the whole dang division. (Ha ha ha!) See? It’s a Honda. Makes you ride. Saves your butt. Wins blue ribbons. Check! Then makes you question your sanity.

Our first event filled with insanity…and a Blue!