Yet Another April Snowstorm

Two feet of really heavy, wet, spring snow, you say? Must be time to take the doglets on another hike!

I’ll never tire of our public lands, especially when they are this fabulous!

I couldn’t bring Sissy and Missy this time, because their GPS collars were with their dad. So that made me feel terrible, but I left them in their kennels and drove away. I should know better than to look back, but I did, and they had the saddest, most betrayed look in their eyes. UGH. I promised to make it up to them later.

But! We do have an exciting new development! Prune and the Three Stooges have gotten much better at staying in the back of the truck, which is good, because I really did not want a smelly hound inside my truck… and I really, really, do not want four, WET, smelly hounds inside my truck. Exhibit A:

Growin’ right up!

I took them up the canyon where the snow was over my knees. Granted, I’m pretty short, but the snow was still deep enough that it didn’t take long to tire the pups out. It was still coming down in full force, but because I’m dedicated to capturing their cuteness, I risked cell phone water damage to get pictures for you guys. You’re welcome. So, brace yourself, because the doglets are as cute as ever!

The dream team, Copper and Todd
Copper sometimes looks like a basset… he can’t help himself. And I think he’s adorable. Especially when he’s sniffing the snow like it’s a powdered donut.
See?! I wasn’t kidding. The snow was as deep as Todd’s back!
Okay, so he’s getting a little tubby… It happens to all of us from time to time.

We had the mountain all to ourselves, because as it turns out, nobody else wanted to go out in the blizzard. Shocking, right?! This year, I really started appreciating the solidarity of winter in the mountains, and I can’t believe people huddle up in their houses at times like this! Go outside!! It’s AMAZING out there! All winter long!!

I wish I had taken a video, because it was rather hilarious. The pups couldn’t walk through the snow at all, so the entire time, THIS is what they were doing:

Bounding. Every single step. It was like watching puppy popcorn- leaping out of the snow and then disappearing again. No wonder they were tired!

Prune takes the road less traveled. A dog after my own heart. <3

Prune was acting big and tough and leading the puppies around. Which is also hilarious, because he knows literally nothing. Yet somehow, the Stooges think he’s this great hunter, and they admire him. They try their best to keep up with him… as he leads them in circles. Seriously. Without me telling them all how to get back to the truck, they would still be stranded up there…

Oooh! Prune has found a secret passageway. We should obviously trust his guidance and go wherever he goes…
How very fitting. The piglet wants a piggy-back-ride.

So there you have it. We wandered in circles, on a mission to nowhere, with Prune as our fearless leader. He took us up the steepest mountain out there, through the trees, and back again. Repeatedly. But the doglets don’t care. They just like to go on adventures and get their three minutes of internet blogging fame.

Before I go, did you really take time to look at that opening picture? I sure do love it here, and I hope I never take these mountains for granted. I’m really liking my blog for this particular reason. I have always tried to take time out and appreciate where I am at and take a picture from time to time, but now that I have a place to document it, I can come back to the memories and appreciate the beauty of the Winds over and over again.